We are all Yeses. We all passed Divine Inspection.


How much do you and your body trust each other?

As this question rolled off her tongue I all but choked on my Starbucks. Slightly pissed off embarrassed, and thinking this is NOT what we are here for, I loosened the death grip on my purse; my urge to bolt faded as I began confessing to a stranger that I had never trusted my body. I had no idea if my body trusted me. I think we betrayed each other on a regular basis. I sat across from her, naked in my vulnerability, knowing that she had exposed more than we both realized. I was asked this question a few years ago by the personal trainer I was meeting for the first time. Early into my wellness journey I decided I needed someone to help me with specific physical goals.

That question changed my life.

This wasn’t going to be all about the physical.

I didn’t trust my body to intuitively make wise choices in the moment, support me physically, or to stay under control when I really needed it.

For days I was a hot gorgeous mess of chaos. When the fog lifted, I got clear. I wasn’t on a mission inspired by trust or confidence in my body. I thought I needed to fix my body – my health and I wanted a pro to help me change them both-now. Instead of a let me support you, my beautiful miraculous all knowing body, I wanted the watch me fix you “oh defiant one” approach. I needed to listen, love and support, not fix and ignore.

Very little in our world encourages us to be comfortably grounded in our own bodies. Learning to love and trust your body [the two are connected] often takes time. It’s a Mind. Heart. Soul connection. For me it was a daily barter with the Universe. It will be a gradual ebb and flow journey. You may not always wake up believing [she] your body is wonderful, but love yourself as if it was true every day. Fake it till you make it sister.

I made the decision to stop trying to change my body. I started supporting myself through conscious decisions and trusting that she would take care of me. If I am paying attention I usually learn enough to hopefully never travel the same road twice.

Here are my survival notes from the path of great resistance. I did not go easy.

“Change happens when you understand what you want to change so deeply that there is no reason to do anything but act in your own best interest.” ~ Geneen Roth

Make self-love a habit. You are worthy, we are meant to be. We are good enough just the way we are, every one of us.”

Practice: Being still, breathing, and taking note of what she is telling you.

Listen: I mean really listen with your heart. If you are faced with making a choice, feel your body out. Connect. She [body] doesn’t lie.

Acknowledge self-criticism. Be gentle. Move on. You passed divine inspection when you were born.

Appreciate how much you are experiencing because of the hard work your body does.
Explore: What’s keeping you stuck. Keep moving.

Move: Experience how miraculous she is, how she moves. She breathes for you, pumps blood without you knowing. Trusting her includes honoring when she is tired and hungry. Eat and sleep intuitively.

Teach her to trust you; consciously use your senses—to connect with her.

Smell. Taste. See. Hear. Feel.

Celebrate your body—her beauty, strength,and power. Write them down. Paste them up.

Your body is the most unique and beautiful piece of natural high-tech equipment you own. Honour her.

If I could pick one thing in the world to trust now, my body wins—all of her.

In the mist of you, she holds the key connected to everything.

Mind. Heart and Soul.

She is Divine. You are a beautiful YES!



  • Rhonda October 26, 2013, 2:43 pm

    lovely words and even lovelier sentiment!

    • Dana November 2, 2013, 8:46 pm

      Thank you lovely lady.


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