The Divine Feminine Instructive: Because the power of our imperfect moments wears really great shoes.



The over arching message in my work is about mining our conscious feminine.  I am passionate about creating and sharing this way of being, something I am learning to live daily. I am so grateful to witness more and more women recognizing their own feminine power.

As women we have our own way of enforcing conformity, we judge each other on the exterior first, we take on the voices of others as our truth,which is predominantly the masculine way of doing. Many of us grew up being told that if we were smart, vulnerable and feminine, success was not a reality.

We would need to move faster, work harder, and act like men to be successful. Disclaimer: { I adore men}

I had a conversation recently with a woman who told me just to begin to figure out her own beliefs,  she had to crawl over the group of people that lived in her head.

I was excited at the prospect of speaking at a Women’s Empowerment Soiree  filled with smart, inspiring and powerful women.

Then, of course, life events began to happen, throwing themselves in my path. Awakening my own default “doing” demons.

It had been a rough emotional week leading up, I got heartbreaking news just prior to the event that night. Saturn in Venus cosmic weather can be a shifty bitch . I was raw. Tears were waiting in the wings. I almost bailed.  AND then I didn’t, because I needed to be surrounded by supportive female energy, a tribe. On the way there I realized I was headed to speak about the Divine Feminine wearing a fabulous vintage men’s wear tuxedo and leopard print stilettos, the irony was not lost on me. I had intuitively summoned my masculine energy to push me forward…Amen.   SO, I was less prepared and more nervous than usual. Except, it still felt right, and truthful in it’s imperfect form. The Beautiful Real happening in real time.



 A loose transcript of my talk from my notes.

My intention through the speaking and workshop work I do is that something I say may be instructive to another woman –or maybe you find something that holds true for you, something you can take away to enhance – who you already are, because every women’s soul speaks uniquely.

A resonance and connection perhaps.

The Conscious Feminine or the newer buzz word the “Divine Feminine” is Intuitive.  She is your Intuition.

I would like to ask you to think about a time when you dismissed a hunch, only to circle back and realize you missed important information.

I would now ask you to think of a time when you followed your hunch, a feeling in your gut, caught your stride, only find you were bang on.

That feeling– that gift is your Divine Feminine at work.

She is instructive. She is your first voice. She is our Soul.

For too long we have allowed our loudest voices to be the those of others.

The women I sit with all over the world tell me that their careers and businesses have taken them to a new level of vulnerability which froze them in fear–and a resounding theme is that they are exhausted and feel more isolated than ever, despite our increased connection through technology.

Because I believe we have been led away from our natural feminine abilities.

The masculine way of working  has kept us in the doing–our feminine is about being.

The Divine Feminine is who we are not just what we do.

Many of us were taught to internalize our feminine message–that what we have to say doesn’t matter.

My earliest memory of being told I could not be successful and feminine was in fourth grade, when I excitedly pitched my business idea for a newspaper in a school business fair, then rallied to make it a reality at our school.

I was told by my teacher to tone myself down–be less seen–less heard. That’s what girls did best.

SO, I got the memo at 9 years old that I could not be a girl and be successful.

As a female in the work force I decided I needed to DO, Hustle, and Sell{myself} constantly. I worked my inner prostitute hard.  For over 2 decades I sat at the corporate tables, taking on the masculine ways of doing, speaking and pushing every edge.

I showed up believing the reinforced message of I could not be successful and vulnerable. I needed to be hard– with ALL the right answers.

I became extremely successful in my field, among a handful of women in the male game. I also became burnt out, miserable and exhausted.

Patriarchy and the masculine was alive and well– it was wearing dresses and really great shoes, it has us {females} speaking more about our expertise over the true stories of who we are.

Maybe some of you have similar stories.

We have learned to load up on tasks in this harsh effort, because we often overestimate what we can do in the short term, and underestimate what we can do in the long-term.

There is another way.

Our natural Conscious Feminine .

Each of us is a brilliant expression of Divine Feminine Consciousness.

She is not something we get from others, need to earn or prove we deserve.

She is our natural way of being.

She is Truth–the sister to Grace. She is our voice. The truth in our bodies, which is always the last voice of the soul. She is our stories. Learn to depend on your inner voice.

She is Grace–where we get to let go of Perfect. Let go of the constant doing.

She is Power– she respects her fear. Fear is not a liar, it is instructive. She uses it to stand in her power. She knows how to use it for her purpose.

She Knows –true fear is a feeling in the body, not a thought in our mind.

The Divine Feminine is a NO– that often pisses people off. A NO to what does not feel right is a YES to your truth.

She is the Slow Down–sitting rooted in her center, pausing to listen before rushing into a decision.

She is Connection– and collaboration– not competition.

She is Ease– reaching for goals– not struggling and fighting along the way.

She is all knowing.

Our Feminine is a Revolution only if we stand together. She is not new, she has just been forgotten by many of us.

Women tell me they want to learn to be creators instead of responders and reactors.  They want meaningful work instead of meaningless struggle.

They want to share their heart-felt desire to be supported by other women.

That is our Power Talking.

When we are connected to one another–that is powerful change.  We are an intelligent, creative and and incredible force.

That is the Divine Feminine.

Because the secret is, the way we get there is as important as the results we create.

The quality of your life and business is directly related to the quality of your support, and your stories, SO tell them well.

Deep Bow to you all Diamonds

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  • Sue Ann Gleason November 15, 2014, 6:56 pm

    So much resonance here, Dana. My feminine consciousness has always superseded my masculine energy though I’m sure that energy has been present in my life when I needed it. I could really relate to this: “I had a conversation recently with a woman who told me just to begin to figure out her own beliefs,  she had to crawl over the group of people that lived in her head.” I am often surprised by the number of voices living inside my head. My beliefs are, thankfully, my own but I still worry too much about how others will view them. I’m happy to be a “work in progress.” Thank you for sharing both your journey and your wisdom.

    • Dana November 17, 2014, 11:18 pm

      Sue Ann I am convinced we are kindred spirit sisters. So many similarities.

  • Cathy November 15, 2014, 10:21 pm

    “She is not something we get from others, need to earn or prove we deserve…. She is our voice. The truth in our bodies, which is always the last voice of the soul. She is our stories. Learn to depend on your inner voice.” Amen!

    The one I’m currently playing with is Divine Feminine as an external No that’s really the internal Yes. Love how eloquently you’ve worded this.

    I imagine that the “costume” you wore to this event was nothing but sexy as you stood in your feminine power! Applause!

    • Dana November 17, 2014, 11:20 pm

      Ahh, yes, the “costume” YES!!! it helped…I need to find out who got a pic..

  • Susie November 16, 2014, 1:36 pm

    I like the term Conscious Feminine because intuition drives everything I do. Not to mention the yin/yang, masculine/feminine energy is a constant balancing act. The tux/stilettos have me smiling…post a pic :)

    • Dana November 17, 2014, 11:24 pm

      Yeah, that yin/yang IS a constant juggle here. I need to track down a pic from that night..will see if I can find one.

  • Susan Seale November 16, 2014, 3:16 pm

    There is so much energy in this post! I can feel it swirling and driving forward…so interesting.

    I grew up in a single parent household. My mom raised us herself after my father died. I watched her take on anything, have her own businesses, her own all-girl country music bands, go on holidays when she wanted. I was lucky enough to spend time in “modern” philosophy elementary schools where teachers encouraged us to organize ourselves and try out our creative ideas. Even as a teen in a clique-y high school I just did what I wanted, opening a canteen to raise money for our grad committee. I never really felt the squashing of that inner voice my the outside world as much as I did when I began my beloved career as a teacher. That was the place I think I felt the squashing and silencing of my feminine consciousness was when I worked as a teacher in the public school system. My voice was not welcome there. I feel super fortunate to have had skills to fall back on during those years and left that system to start my own school ( now closed) .

    I was pondering the idea that lately I have not been a creator. I have been responding and reacting. Too much life going on. Great post…it’s time for me to start creating again. Thank you, Dana:) xo

    • Dana November 17, 2014, 11:22 pm

      “My voice was not welcome there.” I can relate Susan, and as someone with feet still in the corporate world, I intend to just keep talking.

  • Deb November 17, 2014, 9:57 pm

    Great Post, Dana. Love the way you wore clothes, and took actions, and spike abiut embodying both energies. Yes both are needed, and of coyrse rhe feminine consciousness needs space to come out as we have put a lid on her. This is what you are doing, well done! Xxx

    • Dana November 17, 2014, 11:23 pm

      I love my masculine energy it is something I cultivated and called up from a very young age, my feminine learning to embrace both in a healthy way.

  • Maria November 18, 2014, 7:19 am

    Hi Dana, this was moving. I am working on my feminine divine and she is showing up more and more – life is beautiful and flow is sexy, charming and graceful. Congrats on your successes. “Deep Bow to you all Diamonds” goosebumps xx

  • Michelle November 19, 2014, 2:14 am

    Those shoes are spectacular.

    I can relate to your “inner prostitute”. I laughed out loud at that one. Thank GODDESS I trusted my intuition and fled that soul-sucking life! I vowed to never look back forever and ever amen.

    Much love to you. Brava for recognizing ways to practice The Beautiful Real in real time. xo

  • april November 20, 2014, 3:24 am

    “She is Power– she respects her fear. Fear is not a liar, it is instructive. She uses it to stand in her power. She knows how to use it for her purpose.”
    i am in the midst of allowing a current round of fear – which feels bigger than it ever has in the past because it’s related to ME challenging myself further – to be instructive and purposeful.

    oh, and “wearing a fabulous vintage men’s wear tuxedo and leopard print stilettos?” LOVE LOVE LOVE.


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