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                                       Intuition is the voice of one’s energetic  intelligence in communion with its surrounding conditions.

Work with Me

As an Intuitive Life Strategist and Mindset Mentor I provide an authentic meaningful soul level experience – not merely growth,  or surface level self-improvement, because you are perfect already.

As an Intuitive I am passionate about Energy, and my vision is to teach you how to create a deeper understanding of your own Intuition through sessions that serve your highest good, designed to create your most vibrant energy.

It is always my honor to witness women opening up to their lives through self-love and discovery.

The soul core of my work is with brilliant women like you. I work with believers, dreamers and diamonds in the rough. It’s not woo woo,  rather what I call intelligent intuitive work. Fear and Power work are my specialties.

I embrace the philosophy that we do not need fixing, while we can all feel broken at various times, we are all extremely resilient. The process of unfolding your sense of self includes embracing and expanding on who you already are. It’s through the re-framed learning that you will design and experience new strategies for your life.

If you are ready to dig deep, to share and forge a lasting connection with who you are meant to be then we may be a fit. I am ready when you are!


Mindset Coaching

I help you to identify your “who” and “why” in your life. We then work together on nailing the “what” and “how”. Together with me you will learn a consistent way to keep bringing yourself greater meaning, purpose, and success for your life and business.

I practice values of respect, trust and courage. During our coaching story sessions, you do most of the talking. I hold space for you through listening. I ask questions. I am both truth-seeker and teller.

Overall, I am your cheerleader. I drop the occasional F-bomb. I draw you out with care and respect. I meet you with support where you are on your personal path. I’m not one to sit back and let you play small or hide behind those created stories in your head. I mess with those limiting beliefs. I uncover and challenge those core lies you don’t even realize you tell yourself.

Initial 90 minute session $165

60 minute session $100

30 minute follow-up session $65

I use PAYPAL for payment transactions

Available via Skype or Phone


Intuitive Sessions

“Intuition means exactly what it sounds like, in-tuition!  An inner tutor or teaching and learning mechanism that takes us forward daily. It is our natural resource that, where recognized, has infinite potential.”

During an intuitive session I guide you in recognizing how you are still plugging into energy that is draining your power. I tap into areas you of your greatest power and skill you have yet to realize.

An intuitive sessions provides the view from a new perspective – a view from the balcony – of what you already hold for your life. It’s the first step to the meaningful life you were meant for. I deliver truth from a place of deep compassion and love for your highest good — without need for judgment or shame. I provide fierce wisdom, support and guidance.

My work is a blend of practical coaching strategies and natural intuitive richness, because I incorporate the art of intuition and intellect to help you to engineer techniques for lasting change.

I intuitively notice patterns and language that may be keeping you stuck. I help you recognize your own skills to leverage your own personal energy for a rich and purposeful life or business.

30 minute session is $65 

60 minute session $135

90 minute session $185.

I use PAYPAL for payment transactions

Available via Skype or Phone


I use PAYPAL for payment transactions

Packages coming soon! Contact me to reserve your session today!


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