“Dana has a great spirit and positive presence. She has a depth of understanding and easily transfer that to others for shared accomplishment. She is strategically creative and has a unique ability to source solutions to life’s challenges. I have learned how to tap into my own understanding.”  ~Cyndie B.


“Dana has such a pure, clear energy and vibe, it felt like I was talking to an dear long-time relative who “knows me from back when”, or a soul sister who really knows me, who really gets me on a deep level. She intuitively knew my deepest fears, my biggest wish, and affirmed what I already knew but so badly needed to hear: where I really needed to put my focus and energy, and the people, places, & things I needed to let go. I finally have some answers to questions burning in my heart for years, even decades. Sometimes we know the truth, we just need positive affirmation to satisfy our soul.” ~ Venus Aviv Modern Goddess, and Muse at Venus Aviv Wellness.                    




I find Dana to be remarkably authentic, caring and intuitive. She has a vast experience to draw upon which enriches your experience with her, and she has a magical ability to pick up on little nuances that help steer you to Aha’s and to discover your own breakthrough” ~Tova Payne Author and Coach.




“Dana with grace and precision you’ve led me through the rough seas and calm waters during this time of transition and voyage I continue on. You opened my eyes to the old stories I’ve always told myself and helped me let go of them to refocus my energy on moving forward toward a place that is aligned with my values, needs, my true self. You work from an approach that is meaningful, kind and thought provoking. I found profound power in the self-worth you have shown me how to embrace.”  ~Debra. C.

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