Judgement: Would all the Perfect People Please Stand Up


“Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one that finds the gold. Proverbs 11:27”   I dislike judgment. A whole hell of a lot. Especially, when I'm judging others from my own high and mighty horse or on the receiving end myself. Judging is such a well-ingrained response that most of us hardly [...]

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Fear of the Dark: And other Benign Forms of Getting Lost.


What I thought was an end turned out to be middle. What I thought was a brick wall turned out to be a tunnel. What I thought was an injustice turned out to be a color of the sky.- T. Hoagland I was supposed to be writing, that means working on my book– except I was busy [...]

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Gratitude is a Prayer: Giving thanks for all that is broken.

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  The air turned today and the winds picked up.  Our sweet dogs are snuggled in a thrift store quilt with me, stretched out on the chaise where I often sit to write with a view of our back yard. I watch leaves twirl and dance with the gusts and the trees bow and bend to meet one [...]

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Learning how to save your own life: Side notes on how to be truly alive.


This post isn’t about c*ancer because quite frankly a lot of us living with c*ancer get really damn sick and tired of talking about it. Many of us refuse to give c*ancer any power, except when absolutely necessary on chemo days.  Sometimes, our lives change so fast that the change outpaces our minds and hearts. [...]

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How to show up naked in the world: It’s only hair.


Life has a way of picking us up and dropping us down at unknown destinations. That's what life feels like for me some days, like I've been dumped off in a strange place surrounded by nothing that I recognize. Although I have the navigation path to live with this c*ancer detour all mapped out, things happen [...]

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Love and Forgiveness: Writing your own truth because they should know better.


  “Trust me, I'm telling you stories. ... I can change the story. I am the story.” ? Jeanette Winterson My personal information, family and spirituality are very sacred to me.   Protecting my stories became ingrained childhood survival tools, and well, because I always knew the stories didn't just belong to me. This need has [...]

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Universal Myth: C*ancer is a gift meant to make us better people.


I've just finished reading Tom Brokaw’s book part memoir part cancer chronicle. We share similar attitudes toward living with c*ancer, and in the final chapter he says he doesn’t know if living with cancer made him a better person.  He believes that epiphany is for others to judge. He says he still feels lucky and blessed. [...]

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Avoiding Social Vampires: A View from Life in the Doughnut Aisle.


  I recognized her as she exited the produce isle. I was sure she saw me too.  A negative and nasty former corporate acquaintance, the type of person I call “low frequency”. My previous interactions with her confirmed that she reveled in opportunities to be mean.  I had witnessed her with others. On top of [...]

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What Love and Survival Feels Like for Today


  “You know you have “c”ancer, and now this will be the serious conversation” he said. He began....and then he was done.  Warning! This isn't polished,  it's just  raw memories of  my navigation on a couple of beautiful real days. I share with the hope that there is something in it for anyone who's navigational [...]

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Self Worship~ Becoming Your Own Beloved


  As a woman on my own road to giving myself unconditional truth and love, I am always interested in the countless ways women experience self care, love, empowerment, and healing. “You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are. And that person [...]

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