Self Worship~ Becoming Your Own Beloved


  As a woman on my own road to giving myself unconditional truth and love, I am always interested in the countless ways women experience self care, love, empowerment, and healing. “You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are. And that person [...]

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A New Year of Owning it All! Acknowledge what is calling to be named. Yes! This is for You.


My year end reflection included reviewing old journals and old year end rituals, which turned into a quick and dirty list.  To focus on mining for our best instead of focusing on the flaws. Yeah, all of it. Life. As it is. This might read like the "to do" or "must do" list, it is [...]

Courage Life Midlife Spoken Out Loud

A Share: A Year End Ritual for Calling All You Desire


  Hello Gorgeous Ones, I am I the only one sitting here with my jaw on the floor realizing that there’s only thirty-one days left until the end of the year? Full on reflection mode has been switched on. I’m also pondering Robin Sharma’s wisdom of: “Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.” I would like to [...]

Courage Life Midlife Spoken Out Loud

Remember Who You Are. Get on your Soapbox. Be (in)credible.


This morning on my run, I was thinking about a conversation I had with a friend recently about personal power and credibility. They wanted my intuitive advice on life pursuit paths..then they asked me which one would give them more credibility. My answer...none. The conversation turned to power, intuition and how we each mine, leverage [...]

Courage Life Midlife Spoken Out Loud

My World has Shifted~ The Essence of being a Grandmother in this Life.


I had planned to write about a completely different topic this week...and then a message came to me as a familiar fragrance. My mother likes to show up in fragrance.  Once again today, I randomly caught the scent of her perfume as I stood in my yard bare feet to grass. I was NOT surprised [...]

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Essentials for Miracle Making, Deep Dives and Remembering to Breathe.


  That note helps during the deep dives, like when I am afraid of putting myself out in the world in a new way or learning something new, a reminder to go for it.  I have been determined to live my chosen word SPACIOUS this year, an interesting experience to say the least. Creating space and [...]

Courage Life Midlife

Midlife is the New Fabulous


    Hey everyone, This week is my birthday week!!! I am celebrating my 54th birthday. Birthdays tend to land easier these days. I write about being fierce after fifty because a few short years ago I chose to embrace my age with confidence by changing the stories I told myself about the kinds of [...]

Archetypes Midlife

Silent Invisible Midlife Misery. Tell Me I’m Wrong.


Word on the street [research] is that as we roll into our 40’s and 50’s we are silently lining up for the inevitable magic carpet ride to a sentence of invisible silent misery. Really? Please tell me I’m wrong! I know the scene well, it plays out like this; the midlife fantasy to become a [...]


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