The Weight of Life: Holding Space

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  I keep a tattered slip of paper in my wallet. It has the names of all the people whose opinions matter in my life etched  in my own handwriting. The list is short.  I’m old school. I know. I borrowed the idea from Brene Brown, she makes me feel safe. I like to take [...]


Every Transition has its Time: A Smudging Ritual for Year End Cleansing.


    That moment when everything that came before it is much different from all that comes after it.  You know, all those insignificant puny moments strung together that make up a life.  Every day we wake up a different person.  A different frame of mind, different energy, and biologically our body has changed, that's [...]

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Gratitude is a Prayer: Giving thanks for all that is broken.

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  The air turned today and the winds picked up.  Our sweet dogs are snuggled in a thrift store quilt with me, stretched out on the chaise where I often sit to write with a view of our back yard. I watch leaves twirl and dance with the gusts and the trees bow and bend to meet one [...]

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My Mother, Food and Love.


  The perfect Sunday morning arrived for me to share this. It whispered ..... Today. For my Mother. To honor her intimate relationship with food and love. She knew how to make a love affair out of every meal. Her love for people. My mother fed everyone. Literally and metaphorically. She doled out food and [...]


I got picked for the *C* team? Grace, Glory and Love is my Response.


Whether to write this blog has been part of a family discussion over the past week. I wasn’t sure how public I wanted to make this personal information because part of this story involves my close family and loved ones. They needed to be okay with it. They are. I wasn’t sure I was okay [...]


Life Purpose with LOVE as our Guru


A woman I met recently who was devastated that she was in her 50's and hadn't found her purpose, impacted me deeply. She felt like her entire life to this point had been a failure. She was worried she would die with her purpose inside her. Her words and tears penetrated me. I too, have [...]


One Word. One Year. One You. One Life


  If you were here last week, you know I declared my shock that 2014 is almost over! Where the H.E. double hockey sticks[LL] did 2014 go already? I have since recovered, now noticing the steady stream of year end  or "New Year challenge" emails flooding my inbox. So here's the deal. Challenges have outworn their [...]


The Divine Feminine Instructive: Because the power of our imperfect moments wears really great shoes.


  The over arching message in my work is about mining our conscious feminine.  I am passionate about creating and sharing this way of being, something I am learning to live daily. I am so grateful to witness more and more women recognizing their own feminine power. As women, we have our own way of enforcing conformity, [...]

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My World has Shifted~ The Essence of being a Grandmother in this Life.


I had planned to write about a completely different topic this week...and then a message came to me as a familiar fragrance. My mother likes to show up in fragrance.  Once again today, I randomly caught the scent of her perfume as I stood in my yard bare feet to grass. I was NOT surprised [...]

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Your Sovereign Power Shift: Dusting of Crowns, Drinking and Dancing Required


While you think about that one...a little personal back-story. During a session with my archetype coach and mentor a few years ago,  she told me I was using my power to align myself with those who treated me poorly as a way to prove I was good enough in the world...she said I was leaking [...]

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